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Holistic Sherpa

Faisal Khattak

Here I, Faisal Khattak, stand in front of you to show you that it is possible to be who You truly are.

Against all odds, criticism from family, friends and strangers, moving and settling in four different countries, and speaking four different languages, I keep going like a Duracell bunny.;)

Being a serial entrepreneur in the quest to make money – which I did;) – my thirst of metaphysics and esoteric knowledge was never quenched.

My ten years of crazy rides down the rabbit holes of the knowledge of quantum physics, science, ancient wisdom of spirituality, and indigenous teachings of sacred plant medicines has brought me to develop The Arbol Method and establish the Ruhani Wellness Centre with the help of the three lovelies in my life.

Time and energy put in those ten years enabled me to heal my early childhood sexual abuse and finally help me become who I truly am.

I have been very fortunate to guide others with the help of modern science, ancient wisdom, and plant medicines to heal themselves from their own trauma.

If you also want to rediscover your Mojo and find meaning in your life, then I am here to welcome you with my open arms.

It’s never too late to come back home.

Assistant Holistic Sherpa

Lisa Weichenthal

Being trapped as a woman  in a very masculine and performance focused society is not easy and it gets harder when you start seeing through it. By bringing up the power to choose the softer way and connect to my female side again, helped me out of that race of life. I was able to embrace my true light and to heal wounds that I have never thought that they existed.

Now it’s my mission to guide other people – men and women – in their own journey and to support them in their individual way of healing. The coaching experience of more than 6 years in combination with my special relationship to music and dancing gave me unique tools to show people how to express and experience themselves in a completely new way.

Big thank you to Faisal and Ruhani for supporting me in my work and my journey so that I can put all the love back into this beautiful place. I am grateful for every single person that feels connected to us and I feel honored to be a part of the healing path of so many wonderful souls.

Assistant Holistic Sherpa

Nawid Eskandarpour

To reach that point of being able to let go of everything I felt attached to, was very hard. The path of spirituality caused me to disconnect myself to the identity of a pro bodybuilder and to make space for new things.

As an experienced holistic coach, I was always there for other people. This time I needed help myself, to master this challenge and make a choice. With the right people by my side I was able to let go and tell myself a new story. A story of a very curious and talented man that wants to learn and help. I could allow myself to be a conscious part of this rhythm of life.

The new Nawid has built up a connection to methods that help us to evolve and develop our consciousness. It doesn’t matter if it is meditation, yoga, breathwork, ecstatic dance, sound healing or even the conscious use of the plant medicines. All of them can bring balance, clarity, joy and health into our life. These are all aspects that we definitely need to share more in this world. This is the reason why I have left everything in my home country Germany behind and committed myself to this path.

It’s astonishing to look back and to see how the universe has brought me to Faisal and the Ruhani Wellness Centre.I feel honored to be here and to share my love, knowledge and experience with every single soul that gets guided to us.

Assistant Holistic Sherpa

Vesna Todorovic

My formal education in supporting and educating children with extra support needs and their families was the early step into my later life journey.

Working as an early childhood educator for 17 years enabled me to understand/experience and learn from our purest form of humankind – children.

At the same time, always being close to nature and animals fit right where that connection is not experienced just with people but with everything else. Understanding and experiencing where and how plants have their role in this dimension is my personal experience with mother Aya.

I feel that all my life was leading to this authentic experience where I can describe the present moment as surrendering to anything that the future has to offer me.

That future is manifesting as being part of something special – part of Ruhani Wellness Centre.

Thanks to Faisal and his family on one side and my family on the other side, I am embracing beautiful moments where I am becoming one with people that the Universe brought into the world of plant medicine and sound healing.

Travel Guide

Ashwinder Sandhu

Being part of the airline industry for over 25 years, being married to the love of my life, and blessed with two beautiful daughters, I have learned the importance of having authentic relationships with family, friends, and clients.

Living and working in four different countries has taught me the value of hardwork, commitment, and compassion for others. I also resonate with having a work-life balance; I love creating art, which you will see all over Ruhani!

I’m here to put you at ease when it comes to your travel needs. With my experience in the industry, I help you figure out the best route, so you can focus on what’s really important: your healing journey.

I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your journey to self-discovery!

Guest Relations

Kebira Khattak

Learning (in whatever form that may be) is one of my life goals – one that I strive to implement every day.

Through co-authoring a book and beginning my work with plant medicine at the age of 11, I learned to keep an open mind and a keen ear, ready for whatever lessons the Universe throws my way. Some are harder to swallow than others, but all have taught me the importance of a strong support system, honesty, gratitude, and many other values.

When I’m not studying for my Bachelor’s in Psychology, I’m most likely at the dance studio. Salsa is my passion and I love how it challenges me to work on being the best version of myself – another medium through which I learn!

At Ruhani, I strive to implement those same values I’ve learned as managing Guest Relations.

I love helping others achieve their goals, and so as you plan your holistic sessions you can feel comfortable knowing you’re taken care of. If you’re ready to embark on a life-changing journey to our retreat centre, I’m here for you!

Guest Relations

Mehr Khattak

I think time by yourself is an important part of your development and growth.That’s why my family calls me a “free spirit”; more often than not I’m in my own bubble – whether I’m reading, watching the sunset, or just chilling.

But I also love hanging out with friends and enjoying my time with others. The beaches in Costa Rica are one of my favourite ways to do so – there’s nothing like the soft sand, warm waters, and tropical fish.

It’s that same feeling of fun at the beach and time to self-reflect that I want you, as a guest at Ruhani, to experience.

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