What is The Ruhani Approach?

In The Ruhani Approach, emphasis is put on integration. Why? Because almost 80% of the actual healing is dependent upon what’s done with the insights from plant medicine work.
In this approach, we combine modern psychology and science with ancient wisdom and sacred plant medicines to achieve long lasting healing.

Ruhani Wellness is a retreat centre where you will feel the connection with nature and with yourself.

The Maloka is a place where you feel the magic just by being there. The stars, the sounds of nature, and animals helped me find the peace I was looking for. My experience at the ceremony was very pleasant.

I felt a lot of peace and confidence, Faisal was playing music and singing throughout the ceremony and made me feel familiar, connected with me and settled when I needed it.

I will definitely return and recommend it.


Yoga Teacher, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Ruhani Wellness Centre has been a blessing of an experience. Perfect setting nestled in the hill with incredible natural energy. Just perfect setting for healing and spiritual development.

Faisal was crucial to my experience. He transmitted kindness and superior knowledge of plant medicine and energy healing. Although it was my first ever ceremony, I felt very secure and in really good hands.


San Jose, Costa Rica

I came to you and the Ruhani Wellness Centre as a broken man. Twenty years in the Army including 32 months of combat/imminent danger tours (in conventional Army and Special Operations command) and subsequently fighting leukemia twice with two years of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, had left me a husk of the person that used to love life and be creative and enjoy social functions. My life had become a practice of avoiding triggers produced by the guilt and shame of seeing brothers die and watching my body deteriorate through disease. Passive ideations of suicide and simple survival were my theme.  

The effects of long carried PTSD and TBIs are simply gone! I am at odds still choosing words to describe it all.  

Bottom line: I am healed.

Al “Abeja” Campbell

War Veteran, USA

Ruhani Wellness Centre is a project that I loved since its gestation since it is the opportunity to connect with medicines of great power in the midst of the energy of nature and the peace it transmits.

During the ceremony I was able to experience a beautiful connection with medicine through a trip of sounds directed by Faisal that has allowed me to enjoy internal introspection and a study of my own in contemplation.

Luis Fernando

Sound Healer, Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

Without question, this incredible journey was and is the most profound experience of my life.

At 40 years old, I failed to imagine I might ever heal from the trauma of fighting in combat [12 deployments in a Special Operations organization] — ever knowing what it might be like to live without the shame and guilt of returning home, as friends and innocent people caught in the middle of this violence were killed. Believing in God, being able to enjoy life again, playing with my children without worrying about dangers around the corner, or preserving a hypervigilant mindset and disposition that kept me alive in combat. Letting go of the anger and contempt I had for an unforgiving and evil world I once thought was impossible and not in the cards for me. 

 Before I connected with Faisal, I “lived a life of quiet desperation”.

Through the time at Ruhani, I made a lasting peace with my experiences in combat. I’ve experienced real stillness, and my anxiety has quieted to a subtle whisper, tempered by the strength of love and reconciliation.

Blister 01

War Veteran, OEF / OIF / OCO, USA

For my 5th encounter with Madre Aya she led me to Ruhani Wellness Centre. Let me say, WOW!
Thank You Mother for introducing me to Big Brother Faisal and Sister Vesna, who created a Well Balanced Pure and Safe space for my most humbling experience so far in this lifetime. Please know that with your help, I was able to fearlessly grab her hand, jump, and free-dive into the deepest dark and hidden corners of my mind, all so I could connect back to my Self and the All in the Cosmos. I was able to really let go of the pain I’ve been dragging for decades and finally make Peace. I experienced with you the most clean, precious & profound journey with Mother so far, and feel rewired and cleansed. Happy to be here and so proud to be ME. Still smiling, I now understand, and have so much Respect and Love.

All with Love. Feeling Forever Grateful.

Jessica Mundo Love

Yoga teacher, Costa Rica