A Beautiful Place In Nature Where The Ruhani Approach

offers holistic healing practices. In The Ruhani Approach, emphasis is put on integration.

Why? Because almost 80% of the actual healing is dependent upon what’s done with the insights from Sacred indigenous sessions. In this approach, we combine modern psychology and science with ancient wisdom and sacred indigenous sessions to achieve long-lasting freedom and awakening.


The Arbol Method

After years of leading profound personal and clients’ journeys, I have found that the Sacred indigenous spiritual work is not just about doing sacred plants sessions .

80% of the freedom and awakening is in the client’s hands after they return from session/sessions. They need to put in time, energy and a willingness to be guided into the depths of their psyche. This integration is what fully heals them from the stubborn trauma hiding under the deep layers of their subconscious.

Latest Retreat

Come join us for a life-changing “The Arbol Method” Spiritual Retreat. Register today and reserve your spot. Limited spots availble.

Guests Love



Caroline Los Angeles, USA

It was my first experience of medicine plants ceremony. Everything was welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Nothing was expected from me besides being part of a group with beautiful souls...


Amalina Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica

Mother Aya’s wisdom she shared with me has been the most profound and wonderful experience in my life. I did not expect this at all and feel so grateful and overwhelmed by the insights I saw and heard...


Alex Chichester, UK

I have attended two ceremonies so far in the beautiful maloka on the top of the hill overlooking Costa Rican jungle. As the preparations were being made for the ceremony...

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