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What is "The Arbol Method" Mentorship?

As a Holistic Sherpa, I combine psychology and shamanism to simplify the complex nature of the deep inner healing we need to cultivate more abundance and peace in our lives.

If you are out of your flow, have reached a plateau in your life or profession, or are stuck spinning your wheels not achieving what you really want, The Arbol Method Mentorship can be a bona fide life-changing experience for you.
You may quickly become the envied friend in your circle – someone who others talk about as “living the life, being balanced and dialed-in”.

This unique mentoring method is suitable for:

. Achieving optimal work/life/family balance
. Discovering more joy and fulfillment in life
. Preparation for a Plant Spirit Medicine journey
. Integration after experiencing Plant Spirit Medicine

Unlike other solutions, this mentoring method deals with the root cause of the loss of your life force.
Where other programs fail, this unique method brings a permanent cure to your difficulties.
Even those who have never meditated or done any self-help work are now seeing astonishing personal growth.

No matter in which area of life you want to be successful and happy, this will work for you.
Even if you don’t have “high-level studying chops”, you can still use this mentoring method to see consistent daily growth.

The Birth of an Original and Unique Mentorship Method

Since I was a young boy, I have been a serial entrepreneur inquisitive
about the mysteries and workings of life.
Childhood sexual abuse and severe bullying made me an introvert and
unable to stand up for myself.

For years, I struggled with low self-esteem and low confidence. I was
searching for validation and healthy relationships.

I worked aimlessly for others and operated my own businesses like a mad man looking for my purpose and joy to no avail.

It was after nine years of international research that I discovered how
a simple method we all are born with could bring me all the abundance I wanted.

“The Arbol Method” mentorship was invented out of necessity to:
. Find my full potential
. Expand my work to the next level
. Have more loving relationships
. Achieve more financial freedom
. Rediscover my lost purpose in life
. Have the will to get out of bed every morning
. Live with more lightheartedness, joy, fun, and play
. Release my fear and sadness and instead harness my power
. Improve my ability to make great decisions

You might be…

. Feeling stuck/trapped in your life
. Unable to expand your business, even though you know you can do and achieve much more
. Feeling that there is something missing in your life, something that
keeps you awake ’till 2am
. Struggling to find the energy or motivation to get out of bed in the
. Waiting for someone to rescue you from your misery
. Wanting to accomplish a huge list of goals
. Looking for joy in things that used to bring pleasure
. Looking for the ONE who will bring love and happiness in your life

You see, I was in similar situations for decades myself.
I would take a course or go for a seminar, get excited, find my Mojo and then after a few months…lose it again.

I tried to fix myself without seeking help. I tried to rediscover the fire in my belly and it would work but…temporarily.

After listening to advice from my mentor and committing 100% to changing my life…I found long lasting healing.

Over the years, after investing considerable money, energy, and time in modern psychology and ancient shamanic wisdom from different cultures, I not only found my Mojo, but also began teaching the method to my clients and witnessed their lives change…permanently.

How “The Arbol Method” mentorship can solve the problems you are facing today

Like me, you might have read many self-help books, gone down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos of various gurus or even taken some self- empowerment workshops – with no avail.

The problem is that most of these authors or gurus only talk about
the symptoms of those problems and not the root causes.

Those self-help books, fancy videos and high energy workshops are
just band aids which come off by the time you finish reading, watching or attending.

All those tools stray from the actual needed work because dealing with the root cause once and for all is like scratching your wounds with your nails.
I know it hurts, but this is the only way to find out how deep the wound is and how to heal it.

“The Arbol Method” mentorship does exactly that.
It shows you what needs to be done once and for all. Real transformation demands hard work and a willingness to be vulnerable.

This unique method is a beautiful combination of shamanic wisdom from multiple Indigenous cultures and deep knowledge from modern psychology.
After jumping in, you will see how this no-frills, sugar-free, and no- fluff method helps others.
Along my journey, I discovered that long term gains require short term

Taking short cuts makes the real healing…farther from reach.

This method is an investment in your NEW SELF and the return is huge.
Unlike the temporary satisfaction from consuming 10 cups of coffee a day or buying your 50th fancy purse, this method brings permanent fulfillment!

Specifically addressed in our “The Arbol Method” mentorship sessions will be:

. A secret strategy to rediscover the fire in your belly, your Mojo, and how to keep it burning
. How to step up to the next level in your business and personal life
. How to live with more joy and fun every day
. A powerful technique to cultivate meaningful relationships and let go of the ones not serving your highest good
. How to use the power of spiritual allies to protect you anytime you need help
. How to use “The Fruit Effect” to find your place in this world and why you are here
. A key mistake that 99% of people make when trying to find love
. The “Protection Protocol” to have unlimited energy on demand
. How to use “The Seed Principle” to discover who you truly are and
what your soul yearns for in this lifetime

Gone are the days when one had to sit with a guru for years to learn.
With technology, you can see, hear, and feel each other’s energy and get
guidance while sitting in the comfort of your home, thousands of miles apart from others.
That is the reason why this method works equally well online and in-

This unique, simple, and proven method has already brought healing to many others online and in person.

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