Guest Love


Guest Love

Going to a retreat centre for a
week or two will open up one’s
eyes and mind

A beautiful place in nature where the Ruhani approach offers holistic healing practices. In The Ruhani Approach, emphasis is put on integration.

Why? Because almost 80% of the actual healing is dependent upon what’s done with the insights from plant medicine work. In this approach, we combine modern psychology and science with ancient wisdom and sacred plant medicines to achieve long lasting healing.


Caroline Los Angeles, USA

It was my first experience of medicine plants ceremony. Everything was welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Nothing was expected from me besides being part of a group with beautiful souls. The medicine plants and the relaxing atmosphere helped me find answers to past questions…. Thank you Faisal for sharing your knowledge. Thank you as well for making this experience affordable for everyone. Even your beautiful lodgings are so reasonable. I recommend for anyone looking for a unique spiritual and natural experience in a beautiful and peaceful setting to join Faisal in his ceremonies.


Amalina Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica

Mother Aya’s wisdom she shared with me has been the most profound and wonderful experience in my life. I did not expect this at all and feel so grateful and overwhelmed by the insights I saw and heard. Mother showed me one side of my inner child I was completely disconnected to. What a intensive deep joy it was to feel this tremendous release of old life long patterns that held me in a painful box of thinking and behavior! Faisal created such a trustful sacred space together with sister Vesna, and the place itself is just so wonderful and peaceful too. Send you lots of light and thank you for being who you are and being a loving angel on this journey. Until we meet again – be very happy and appreciative to the unique YOU❤️?


Alex Chichester, UK

I have attended two ceremonies so far in the beautiful maloka on the top of the hill overlooking Costa Rican jungle. As the preparations were being made for the ceremony I had time to relax and meditate on my intentions and what I wanted to gain from the session. Although I had no idea what to expect I still could not have predicted the astounding energy and healing powers of the evening. It took a bit of talking with Faisal afterwards to understand my experience and what it meant. “The Holistic Sherpa” makes you feel very safe and comfortable and the plant medicine gives you exactly what you need at the time! I can’t recommend it enough!! Thank you! I can’t wait to come back and expand on what I’ve learnt!


Donna Alaska, USA

My experience at Ruhani Wellness Centre was profound and deep. Throughout the entire property, one can feel the energy of sacred intention and prayer. The Maloka was like none other that I have experienced. Setting high on the top of the Pinilla hills of Costa Rica, the Maloka had a powerful energy that one could feel on a cellular level. The accommodations were comfortable yet simple so as not to detract from the deep inner work that one will move through at Ruhani. The food offered onsite was delicious, pleasing to the eye, and supportive to the journey. Faisal has truly created a heart felt space by which one can safely move through the lessons of plant medicine!


Lisa Washington State, USA

My days spent at Ruhani Wellness Centre will be cherished as the time I found my true self. The setting is so beautiful and peaceful. You can tell it is a loving dream that has materialized for all of us to experience and heal in. The plant medicine ceremonies are beyond words. Having Faisal and Vesna as our guides was truly amazing. The music and icaros in the maloka seemed to flow with what I was experiencing at the time. It felt magical. I experienced what it was like to actually feel again. So much has been opened to me now after a lifetime of being closed off. Mother Aya knew just what she needed to show me and she continues to remind me in subtle ways each day as I integrate what I learned into my life going forward. Such a beautiful gift! Thank you Ruhani! I truly feel I have been reunited with my soul!


Gordon Pinilla, Costa Rica

Last night I experienced my first session with Faisal at the Ruhani Wellness Centre. It was an outstanding experience. My meditation was accompanied by multiple sources of vibrational sound which took me much deeper into my meditation. The building is an amazingly beautiful structure that allows for an aural experience like no other. The view surrounding Ruhani WC is simply awesome. I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful setting.


Bru Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Ruhani wellness center an incredible place to connect internally with your being in silence and harmony accompanied by the nature of our beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Incredible landscapes .. it is a place that has a team of people who work with love! My first experience taking medicine from Faisal was amazing, a sweet medicine that opens and heals heart and spirit! Thank you for opening this space of well-being and healing! ♥


Vesna Sound Healer, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

If you are in a search for your inner child, your deeply buried emotions come and emerge yourself in the beautiful energy of the sound and the sacred plants at Ruhani center. With the different ceremonial instruments and amazing voice my dear friend Faisal is touching the finest layers of our soul. And this is where the the healing is happening. Your innocent being is experiencing vibrational connection with the sound and you are passed the knowledge of sacred plants. Breathtaking landscape and beautiful Ruhani maloka are the undeniable elements of the experience. Gratitude and peacefulness are just two of many feelings that I would like to share from my ceremonies at Ruhani wellness center. Thank you and your family Faisal for creating the sacred place that is welcoming the souls from all over the world.

Noam Kostucki

Noam Kostucki Business coach, TED speaker, San Jose, Costa Rica

I had been interested in doing plant medicines for 15 years but never found the right person to guide my journey, until I met Faisal from the Ruhani Wellness Center. I gained the confidence to do various ceremonies with him because of his humility, kindness and genuine search of his own truth / path / healing. At the Ruhani Wellness Center, I did work with Plant medicine from Amazon, cacao, and kambo. All ceremonies where different and magical. The Maloka where the ceremonies happen is incredibly beautiful and makes the whole experience even more wonderful. The changes that happened to me as a result of these ceremonies is profound and long lasting. Thank you Faisal for making this possible.

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