The Land


The Land

10.2348° N, 85.7955° W

I, this little piece of beautiful earth, had been sitting here for many years (I don’t even know how long) enjoying all the beautiful trees and animals nature has provided.
It was not easy for humans to walk here, as you can see from this picture

Then one day my current caretakers came and asked my permission and… that’s when Ruhani took birth. Over the next couple of years, I tested them and their helpers with my strong energy, rugged habitat, and fierce winds.

You can see what happened to the initial Maloka structure against the power of the wind. Remember, You can work with nature but not against it. Sometimes, the earth likes to do this to humans to make sure that their intentions are pure and that they have reverence.

The ones who have strong resolves will stick around whereas others… slide away.

Within one year, my landscape evolved. I still enjoy my original trees and animals, and am also curious about the introduction of new and amazing healing medicinal plants here. Pictures don’t serve justice to my natural beauty and the buildings erected here for your serene experience. The jewel of my crown is the Maloka. It’s an energy vortex where amazing healings occur. I love to see people in awe when they step inside this beautiful structure – their minds get blown away.;)

My caretakers did a great job at keeping me as close to my original settings as possible. As you can see from the pictures, all the buildings have been built as rustic and “fluff free” as possible. It’s the way I like it while also providing necessary comfort for you, the way you like it.;) I can’t wait for you to come here personally and to show you my beauty and energy. Once you are out of your man-made bubble, you will see how my energy and nature can nurture you into an amazing human, the way you were intended to be.

-Land of Ruhani!