Re-New Yourself


Re-New Yourself

Going to a retreat centre for a
week or two will open up one’s
eyes and mind

Come join Holistic Sherpa Faisal Khattak, Nawid and Lisa for a week in a safe and friendly, jungle like setting, and Re-New Yourself.

Faisal’s famous Inner Child teachings from “The Arbol Method” will uplift your spirit and connect you with the Real You. The one who is yearning for your connection.

During this week you will be among like-minded people going through three very powerful and life changing indigenous gatherings which will help you see the ways to be happier and live life with a purpose.

Here is what people have to say after attending gatherings from Faisal and the team:

“This testimonial comes from a person who didn’t want to hear anything about Spirit plants 3 months ago and was against it. It took me almost a month to decide if I want to participate in this gathering or not. I was very scared but called to it at the same time. Words cannot explain what was going on in the night but the feeling of love and gratitude that came with it is very powerful. I went through beautiful journeys on my own, with my partner and had the honor to be in service and help others. Faisal, and the team were doing an amazing job keeping everyone safe in the magical maloka.  This was a life-changing experience for me and 100000% worth it!”

“Wow! What an amazing journey! I recently spent an evening at Ruhani Wellness Center with a group of 38 people doing Sprit plants of the forest and jungle. Some participants were friends and some I had never met before that night. During the experience we were connected souls travelling the cosmos together as a collective conscience. The energy in the Maloka was indescribable, but I will try! I felt warm waves of loving energy touching my skin, even though I was not made of flesh. I felt the urge to move and dance, even though I had no body. My entire being was vibrating even though I had no physical being. Faisal’s music was a part of me, touching my soul and bringing me to so many different planes of existence. Travelling that far and that fast can sometimes be a little overwhelming but throughout the evening I could open my eyes and would immediately be grounded to the Maloka and enjoy a spectacular light show inside the Maloka or the equally amazing light show Mother Nature provided outside in the sky. Faisal and his team took great care with all of the participants, constantly checking in with each of us and always somehow knowing what we needed at all times. The love in the Maloka was palpable and I had so much fun playing in that safe space! If you are called to work with Spirit plants, I would highly recommend this experience. To sum it all up I am so grateful to the universe and every person there and I’ll say what I was feeling all evening… I LOVE MY LIFE!!! 💜🙏”

“Last night I experienced my first session with Faisal at the Ruhani Wellness Centre. It was an outstanding experience. My meditation was accompanied by multiple sources of vibrational sound which took me much deeper into my meditation. The Maloka is an amazingly beautiful structure that allows for an aural experience like no other. The view surrounding Ruhani WC is simply awesome. I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful setting.”

Exclusive – In-depth Life
Changing Group Retreat

This week will come with:

  • Seven-night stay in a private room at Ruhani Wellness Centre Costa Rica.
  • 17 medicine friendly healthy delicious meals
  • Three Spirit Plant gatherings from the Amazon/Middle East
  • Various meditations to connect with your inner self
  • Many integration circles
  • Deep breathing exercises to prepare you for the gatherings.
  • Multiple nature hikes.
  • Amazonian and Middle Eastern Shamanic singing and music. Sacred healings.
  • Sacred healings.
  • Very powerful Yogic cleansing bath.
  • Evening Fire circle integrations.
  • Daily activities vary each retreat and may include yoga, meditation, art, hikes, ecstatic dance, music, excursion to local Farmer’s Market, and more.

Your investment in Yourself:

2-4  $4500 ea
5-6  $4000 ea
6+   $3500 ea


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