John Lewis

Certified Wim Hof Instructor

I am a world traveler, a serial entrepreneur, CEO of a successful design-build firm in Carmel, CA, and was a hurting soul for most of my 43 year life.  Until I found Ruhani, that is.
For I was only 11 months old when my mother lost her life, and my little soul embarked on this life’s journey filled with depression, learning disabilities, and behavior issues, all the while dealing with the real deep issue of abandonment.
In my continuous seeking of self-improvement and self-discovery, I turned to the cold to help heal myself.  It was when I found the Wim Hof Method, I was offered a daily practice to face my fears and demons, and a way to overcome the suffocating realities of life. The cold has been my teacher.
I’ve healed my mind, body, and soul with breath work and cold exposure.
It’s scary to voluntarily get into cold ice water.  And working with plant medicine is similar.  We must face our fears in order to heal, and to overcome them.
I came to Ruhani with goals of wanting to be best father and the best husband I could be. And it was only through my plant medicine journey and my cold and breath work practice, that I realized that I was missing an integral piece.  I needed to love myself and my inner child first.
Come, let’s face the fear together.

Vesna Todorovic

Centre Manager

My formal education in supporting and educating children with extra support needs and their families was the early step into my later life journey.

Working as an early childhood educator for 17 years enabled me to understand/experience and learn from our purest form of humankind – children.

At the same time, always being close to nature and animals fit right where that connection is not experienced just with people but with everything else. Understanding and experiencing where and how plants have their role in this dimension is my personal experience with mother Aya.

I feel that all my life was leading to this authentic experience where I can describe the present moment as surrendering to anything that the future has to offer me.

That future is manifesting as being part of something special – part of Ruhani Wellness Centre.

Thanks to Faisal and his family on one side and my family on the other side, I am embracing beautiful moments where I am becoming one with people that the Universe brought into the world of plant medicine and sound healing.

Noam Kostucki

Integration Guide

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with understanding how humans function.

After getting accepted in one of the world’s 10 best universities, I dropped out to study psychology, social behaviours, emotions, philosophy, spirituality, and anything else I could get my hands on.

My chaotic journey took me to over 40 countries, got me publishing nine books, and guiding over 25,000 people to grow personally and professionally.

Working with Faisal and the team at the Ruhani Wellness Centre is a delightful pleasure.

If you’re coming to join us on a personal development adventure, I look forward to guiding you on how to integrate business and spirituality.