Vesna Todorovic

Centre Manager

My formal education in supporting and educating children with extra support needs and their families was the early step into my later life journey.

Working as an early childhood educator for 17 years enabled me to understand/experience and learn from our purest form of humankind – children.

At the same time, always being close to nature and animals fit right where that connection is not experienced just with people but with everything else. Understanding and experiencing where and how plants have their role in this dimension is my personal experience with mother Aya.

I feel that all my life was leading to this authentic experience where I can describe the present moment as surrendering to anything that the future has to offer me.

That future is manifesting as being part of something special – part of Ruhani Wellness Centre.

Thanks to Faisal and his family on one side and my family on the other side, I am embracing beautiful moments where I am becoming one with people that the Universe brought into the world of plant medicine and sound healing.

Noam Kostucki

Integration Guide

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with understanding how humans function.

After getting accepted in one of the world’s 10 best universities, I dropped out to study psychology, social behaviours, emotions, philosophy, spirituality, and anything else I could get my hands on.

My chaotic journey took me to over 40 countries, got me publishing nine books, and guiding over 25,000 people to grow personally and professionally.

Working with Faisal and the team at the Ruhani Wellness Centre is a delightful pleasure.

If you’re coming to join us on a personal development adventure, I look forward to guiding you on how to integrate business and spirituality.

Ana Rebolledo

Embodiment Coach

Hi! I am Ana, mover by nature, Professional Life Coach, Auric Field Reader, Sacred Feminine Speaker and Author and Yoga Teacher since 2010.
My quest for meaning started at a very young age, when I would live in a world of rituals, mixed herbs and “spells” nobody taught me. I would be a strange kid stealing candles,
laying down to feel the body thinking of Spirit and calling this prayer.

This is the embodiment wisdom we all carry and that I somehow engage with.
This internal longing to know true self invited me into a passionate life of art, movement and adventures. Growing into a wild “emotional” cyclical woman in a very linear world catapulted me in a search for tribe, sisterhood and new ways of relating in community that I knew where possible. So, I traveled for 7 years…
During this times “real life” kicked in, I lost my young sister who had been my lifelong ally on earth. That is when my quest became unbearable, darkness took over to submerged me into deeper shadows. I thought I had felt sadness, rage, unworthiness, shame,
uncertainty, even love, joy, and profound understanding, but never like this.
This taught me too things:

1) There is so much more out there for me to experience and
become if I choose to expand and EMBODY it.

2) I have NO IDEA what you are
experiencing on your personal journey.

So, I had to learn to really listen and live in the edge of shadow and light.
It has become my purpose to share with you about navigating life´s journey accessing the maps of your soul, figuring out your location and destination in them, and what you need to let go of and integrate in a fully, truthful, embodied way in order to become your vision.
Let´s get started: THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!